Let’s Schedule an Appointment

Dau Orthodontics is happy to offer you a free smile assessment with no obligation. We will do a comprehensive evaluation, discuss treatment options, and answer any questions you may have.

Virtual Consultation

We offer a simple and safe way for you to text photos of your teeth and mouth to our office. To get started, text your smile (see below for pictures) to 813-929-3361. We will get back to you with a treatment plan and pricing. It is THAT easy! And you don’t have to leave your house.

1. Front Smiling

Show us your biggest smile ever and do your best to show all of your teeth.

Front of Teeth

2. Top

Lift your head up and show us all of your top teeth.

Top of Teeth

3. Bottom

Tilt your head down and show us all of your bottom teeth.

Bottom of Teeth

Express Consultation

If you prefer an in-office visit, we offer a quick an easy solution for your busy schedule with our Express Consultation. In your 30-minute appointment, you will meet with one of our Smile Consultants, take records, and receive a treatment plan and pricing.

If you prefer to meet with the Orthodontist for a traditional consultation, please call us directly at 813-929-3361.