Common Problems

Ideal Bite – Front

Properly aligned teeth with centered midlines and slight overbite.

Ideal Bite – Side

Teeth mesh together at proper position with slight overbite.


Teeth overlapping due to small dental arch and /or poor teeth position.


Gaps between teeth due to small teeth or protrusion of teeth.


Upper front teeth positioned too far in front of lower front teeth.


Lower front teeth or jaw positioned too far in front of upper front teeth.

Deep Overbite

Upper front teeth vertically overlaps excessively over lower teeth.


Upper and lower teeth do not overlap. Often caused by thumb or tongue habit.


Teeth are blocked out and unable to erupt normally.

Tongue Thusting

Sticking tongue between teeth when swallowing may lead to an open bite.

Narrow Upper Jaw

Upper jaw too narrow and sits on the insdie of the lower jaw (instead of outside).

Anterior Crossbite

Lower front teeth sits in front of upper teeth. Can damage teeth and gum tissues.