testimonials-intIf you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

alyssa“Dr. Dau and staff took great care of me during my treatment, and I love that! My Invisalign treatment improved my overbite and gave me a great smile. I would definitely recommend that people visit Dr. Dau if they want great service and excellent treatment!”
— Alyssa R.

cassidy“Before braces I had an overbite and several crooked teeth. Straightening my teeth gave me a more confident smile, especially in pictures! Dr. Dau was really professional and efficient in helping me to get a great smile!”
— Cassidy F.

william“Dr. Dau and staff really know how to make you feel at home and comfortable. Dr. Dau really impressed me with his positive attitude towards the patients. He makes you feel at ease and not uptight, which is really nice in a doctor’s office!”
— William W.

michael“I like going to Dr. Dau’s office because everyone was really nice. We make lots of jokes and have fun! Dr. Dau got my braces finished earlier than what another orthodontist predicted and I did not have to have teeth pulled out!”
— Michael K.

nicolette“My friend recommended that I see Dr. Dau for my smile and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made! The staff was so friendly and always reassuring every time I came. Dr. Dau is so professional, so sweet, and you’re going to get the best result!”
— Nicolette D.

kimberly“Dr. Dau has a wonderful sense of humor that makes my daughter feel very comfortable, and she thinks he is pretty cool! I’m always impressed by his level of expertise. I would highly recommend parents to take their children to see Dr. Dau for braces!”
— Kimberly N.

artricia“Coming Dr. Dau’s office is like visiting family. Everyone welcomes us with a bright smile and they remember all of my children’s names. Dr. Dau is knowledgeable and takes his time to explain my daughter’s treatment plan and what to expect during braces!”
— Artricia H.

michelle“Dr. Dau always made sure that I was comfortable while he was working on my braces and teeth. The office was really nice and they did a great job with my smile.”
— Michelle H.

nathan“Since getting my braces off, I love going around laughing, having a good time and showing off my smile. I appreciated that Dr. Dau took the time to show me my problems, explain how he was going to improve my smile, and it really made sense!”
— Nathan N.

deborah“As a hygienist, I have seen many patients with braces for cleanings and was really impressed with the great results from Dr. Dau’s office! Dr. Dau is an excellent orthodontist as he treated my two boys and myself. His team is wonderful all the way around!”
— Deborah M.

elizabeth“Dr. Dau is an excellent orthodontist and very professional. I was most impressed by Dr. Dau’s attention to detail, as he wasn’t afraid to take the time to make it just right.”
— Elizabeth J.