New Tampa Office Reviews


luis perez

I must say as directly as I can… For our seniors that need orthodontic work done, stand tall and don’t blush behind closed doors. If you believe you would like to have orthodontic work done. I sincerely recommend Dr. Dau. You’re wondering why?

As you walk into his office you’re always greeted with a shining smile and a warm friendly hello. The receptionists are overly warm, friendly, charming and professional in their attitude in communicating with the patients. “That I must say is overly special!” The staff that helps Dr. Dau in doing the orthodontics is overly warm, friendly and charming as well. “But I must sincerely say,… as well overly professional in doing their orthodontics task at hand.”

The professional attention that you get by Dr. Dau, with a very soft spoken voice- “is a gentle and caring professional!” Dr. Dua explains the process of what entails in doing your orthodontics in details. He is very open to your concerns and issues during your orthodontics process.

So “ALL,”… especially “seniors” Come in and have a meeting with Dr. Dua, with your Orthodontics concerns-needs and meet the wonderful staff. You all will be happy and pleased that you did!

Jillian Quiles

Dr. Dau and his staff are fantastic. Very professional, always courteous and Dr. Dau takes his time with you and your children, ensuring he answers ALL questions clearly and precisely. He does not try to make money off you by recommending unnecessary appliances or braces etc. that you or your children do not need. Absolutely love this office.

Nikki Lamar

I absolutely love this doctor and the staff. They are very inviting and accommodating. I have enjoyed being a valued customer here. They are affordable and have two great locations to visit. Need braces call doctor Dau and his staff will get you in!!

J Peeler

This is the best orthodontics you will ever go too. They are very nice and well organized. I recommend it greatly!!

Marie Guerrero

I’ve had braces previously from 2009 – 2010. My teeth have since shifted and I had a consultation with an orthodontist and he told me that I would need braces again but that my teeth would shift once again after I take them off. Dr Dau took the time to explain to me WHY my teeth would keep shifting and what we needed to do in order to prevent it from happening again. He actually told me the entire treatment plan in detail and I was so happy to finally find a doctor that understood the problem and told me precisely what I needed to do to fix the issue now and for the future. For obvious reasons, an orthodontic treatment investment is costly therefore I was so confident with his treatment plan that I decided to go with a dr who understood my problem and knew how to fix it once and for all. The entire staff is very warm and friendly I’m so glad I found Dr. Dau’s office!

Mary Whitaker

The staff is always friendly and helpful. Dr. Dau has treated multiple members of our family, and we are all very pleased with the results and care received at both the Lutz and Cross Creek locations.

Joanaver Quinones Caraballo

Very friendly and great staff. On my first appointment they explained with details how the procedure will be and every question that I had was answered. Very hopeful of my treatment!

Vaneeka Grant-jarvis

I have know Dr Dau for many years. I enjoy his friendly atmosphere and staff members. My son was evaluated with great care. Thank you Dr. Dau and staff.

Rodney walters

this was first time taking our daughter to Orthodontist and it was a great experience. The staff were very welcoming and helpful and Dr. Dau left no unanswered questions.

Mary Keith Kennard

Such a great experience! Staff is very friendly and great with kids. Also one of the most efficiently run doctor’s offices we’ve been to!

Hope Hoffman

We are very happy with the orthodontic care for our sons here. Friendly staff and nice office. Highly recommend.

Kitty Kriter

Awesome place to go for braces!! I went there and the staff is super friendly, also Dr. Dau is funny and gets along with kids really well. 10/10

Sherry Allen

My daughter Maelynn goes to Dr Dau. The office is super friendly and always helpful. Answers questions promptly. Maelynn says Dr Dau is friendly and not rough. All the assistants are super nice. I recommend this office to anyone needing a beautiful smile!

Karina Loza

We were referred to Dr. Dau by our orthodontist in NY and she was so right about him. Very knowledgeable, great with kids, always makes time to explain things to you and surrounded by amazing staff!!!! Highly recommend!!!!

Jessica Hildebrand

Very friendly and helpful staff! Dr. Dau takes pride in his work and building healthy relationships with his patients.

Davina Devries

Efficient And Excellent. Knows what he is doing and seeing results quickly.

George Petrossian

Great Dr and office . I like that Dr. Dau is very conservative with his treatment plans.

Kris Scism

Dr. Dau and his staff are fantastic and they always make appointments so easy and pleasant!

Alex Rose

Dr. Dau and his crew give you the best results . They did a great job to make my smile perfect. Overall they all have a great personality and I connected with all of them, I always looked forward to my orthodontist appointments, they do a job well done! Thanks!

Rashi Lakhotia

They had great service, we were in and out, and they have the best results.

Keith and Donna Pernicano

Awesome staff and Ortho!